About RedRat

The RedRat Concept

The RedRat idea started with the publication of very simple infrared remote control I/O circuitry on the internet in 1994. Much to our surprise, there was such a demand for a product that the first RedRat was born. Using knowledge gained from the worldwide sales and support of our products over the last several years, RedRat Ltd. has established itself as one of the primary names in computer based infrared remote control.

The original RedRat was a small device that attached to a computer to provide infrared remote control input/output capabilities. While this is still our most popular product, this concept has been extended with new products, several software applications and a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) for the incorporation of infrared remote control into third party applications.

Further services include hardware and firmware licensing, contract development and consultancy work.

Who Uses RedRat Technology?

RedRat hardware has been sold into 40 different countries. Our customers include around 300 companies, primarily in consumer electronics, broadcast, home/show automation and assistive technology. Please take a look at some of the names that use RedRat systems.

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