Purchase RedRats
Ordering Information
GBP (£) ex VAT
RedRat3-II £75.00
Mount/Holder for the RedRat3 £3.00
irNetBox-Pro-III £650.00
Stick-on IR flashers for the irNetBox £5.00

The RedRat3-II
The RedRat3-II has an integrated USB cable, and is delivered with a CD containing RedRat software and the SDK.
Mount/holder for RedRat3
The mount/holder helps to attach the RedRat3 to a wall, shelf or other flat surface.
The irNetBox-Pro-III
It is delivered with a software CD and a universal power supply. We do not currently sell these through our on-line store, so please contact us for alternative purchase options.
Payment Options
  1. Online using a credit card or PayPal through our online store.
  2. Directly in pounds sterling - cheque or bank transfer. Please mail us at the address given below for details.

Please contact us at orders@redrat.co.uk for discounts on orders of more than 10 units.