RFLASH – IRNETBOX-III XS1 Firmware Update Application

RFlash.exe is a simple command line application for managing firmware images on the irNetBox-III XS1 microcontroller. It requires the .NET Framework version 4.

RFlash’s command line options are given below:

Info (i) – Get General Flash Information

This will list the current firmware version running plus details about the firmware images in flash.
Example: RFlash.1.2.exe i -t

This shows that there are two images: Image 0 is the factory image and image 1 is version 1.4.6 of the application firmware.

Add (a) – Adds a New Firmware Image

This adds a new firmware image to the list of images in flash. It will be given the highest firmware image number and so the XS1 will boot into this image on startup.
Example: RFlash.1.2.exe a Eiger.r.144.bin -t

Erase (e) – Erase a Firmware Image

Erases older firmware images, or the most recent one if it is found better to use an older application firmware version.
Example: RFlash.1.2.exe e 1 -t will erase firmware image 1 from the irNetBox-III at IP address
If there was a firmware version 2, this will now drop down to firmware version 1.

Write (w) – Overwrite the Specified Firmware Image

Rather than adding a new firmware image, this command will overwrite an existing firmware image with a new one.
Example: RFlash.1.2.exe w 2 Eiger.r.144.bin -t
This will overwrite image number 2 with the image from the file Eiger.r.144.bin.

Reset (s) – Reset the XS1 Microcontroller

This restarts the XS1 microcontroller, so it will pick up any changes made to the firmware held in flash.
Example: RFlash.1.2.exe s
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