IR Signal Database Utility

Supports the creation, viewing and testing of IR signal databases. What is a signal database, and why may you want one? It is your local set of IR remote control signals that you use and work with, made up of one or more remotes (e.g. TV, DVD_PLAYER) each with a set of IR signals. The utility allows:
  • Sharing remote control data with others.
  • Using datasets in RedRat applications or your own applications developed with the RedRat SDK.
  • The testing of signal decoding when inputting IR signals.
  • Using datasets with both the RedRat3 and irNetBox devices.
Installing the Signal Database Utility
  • Download the file containing the installer.
  • Unpack the file in a temporary directory.
  • Click on setup.exe to start the installation, which will install it in a "RedRat" folder in the applications directory. An example signal database - ExampleSigDB.xml - is also placed in the same directory.
Using the Utility
The main window is shown below, with a small signal database loaded, the Tuner device opened to show a few signals displayed.
Screen shot
  • File Menu: Open and save signal databases.
  • Edit Menu: Add/remove devices and signals.
  • View Menu: Shows a window for testing signal decoding (see below).
  • RedRat Menu: Searches for RedRats and lists them. Allows selection of the RedRat for signal input and output.

Right clicking on the main panel brings up a context menu, also giving some of the operations, including testing the signal output through the selected RedRat.

Creating Signal Datasets
 - Create a new device/remote from the Edit -> Device/Remote menu item.
 - Add a new signal from the Edit -> Add Signal menu item.
 - Name the signal and use the Learn IR button to capture the signal from your remote.

Viewing IR Signal Data
IR signal waveforms can be viewed by double-clicking on an IR signal and selecting the IR Data button, bringing up the waveform viewer and editor:
Signal viewer

Testing Signal Decoding
The decode window is shown below, opened from the View->Decode Window menu item.
Signal decode window
Once you have added a device and some signals to the database, pointing the remote at the selected RedRat and pressing some of the "learned" buttons should produce recognized signal output in the window. (This does not work with all remote controls due to the large variation in IR signal types available.)

Change History
Details of application changes and fixes are given here.