RedRat Software
Software for the RedRat

A wide range of software is available, covering nearly all types of application that require computer based infrared remote control.

Applications for Microsoft Windows
RedRat provides several free software applications for Microsoft Windows, supporting both the RedRat3 and the irNetBox.

Support for Linux
A Linux device driver and some application code has been developed for the RedRat3 by RedRat users.

Test Manager
TestManager is a fully featured, scripts based solution for the control of larger number of A/V devices such as set-top boxes (STBs). It is frequently used in STB and interactive television service test facilities and also in broadcast monitoring systems.

Third Party Applications
Support for RedRat hardware has been built in to several third party applications, ranging from large, professional test and control systems down to open home automation software.

The RedRat SDK
Simple .NET and COM APIs enable the rapid integration of infrared remote control into your own Microsoft Windows applications.
On-screen remote control