RedRat3, RedRat3-II and USB irNetBox-II Windows device driver

The RedRat3, RedRat3-II and irNetBox-II driver is available for Microsoft XP, Vista and Windows 7, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. All driver versions listed below have been digitally signed.

Windows XP 32-bit

Version 3.4.4

Vista, Windows7 and 8 32-bit

Version 3.4.4

Windows XP 64-bit

Version 3.4.4

Vista, Windows7 and 8 64-bit

Version 3.4.4


Note for users of the original RedRat3: These updated drivers (V3.4.4) support the older RedRat3 device on both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) systems. This is only supported in V3.X versions of RedRat software applications and the RedRat SDK.

To install, download and unpack the appropriate zip file, plug in your RedRat3-II or irNetBox-II (via USB) and when the system asks where to find the driver, manually point it to the location of the unpacked code.

RedRat3 and USB irNetBox Windows device driver. These older versions only work on 32-bit systems and with V2.X versions of RedRat software.

Which Drivers to Use?

These drivers only work on 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and Windows-7) and require that V2.X versions of the SDK and RedRat software are used. We would recommend using the newer V3 drivers and V3.X or V4.X versions of RedRat applications and the SDK.
Please check carefully here to see which driver version you need:

This should be used by most RedRat3 users. For those using the SDK, this driver lists RedRat3s as RedRat3-0, RedRat3-1 etc.

Version 1.7

V1.9 is to be used with the USB version of the irNetBox (not the TCP/IP version) and the RedRat3. It supports up to 32 RedRat devices attached to a single PC. If you are using the SDK, then please note that it will list both irNetBoxes and RedRat3s as RedRat-0, RedRat-1 etc, i.e. differently from driver version V1.7.

Version 1.9


New Installation

If you are installing a driver for the first time, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and unpack the driver zip file.
  2. Plug the RedRat3 into a USB port.
  3. The PC will detect the new device and initiate the process for RedRat3 driver installation.
  4. The dialog boxes that the system presents depends on the operating system version, but you should choose the options allowing you to select the location for the driver.
  5. Select the rrusb.inf file and continue.

RedRat3, irNetBox-I and irNetBox-II Firmware

RedRat Firmware Updates

The updates listed here are downloaded by USB to the following RedRat devices:

  1. The RedRat3 and RedRat3-II
  2. The irNetBox (sometimes referred to as the irNetBox-I) and irNetBox-II

We only recommend updating device firmware if it resolves specific problems or adds new features required in your application.

irNetBoxes (MK-I and II only) are also updated by USB, even if they are usually controlled via TCP/IP (network), so please plug it in to the PC using a standard USB cable. It will still require external power via the irNetBox power supply even when connected via a USB cable.

The RedRat3 Version 0.34 Change history
The RedRat3-II Version 1.07 Change history
The irNetBox – IP Version 1.05 Change history
The irNetBox – USB Version 1.04 Change history
The irNetBox-II – IP Version 2.03 Change history
The irNetBox-II – USB Version 2.01 Change history


Installing Updates

  1. Download the most recent update utility for all updates listed above.
  2. Unpack the zip file to a temporary directory.
  3. Start RRUpdate.exe.
  4. If you get an error message saying: “System.IO.FileLoadException: ‘DriverWrapper, Version=…” then you will need to download and install vcredist_x86.exe for VC++ 2008 from Microsoft’s website.

Once started, the utility lists the RedRat hardware it discovers attached to the local machine by USB.

The RedRats menu item allows you to obtain information about each RedRat3 attached to the system, and to initiate a firmware update.

Use the RedRats >> Update menu item to initiate the firmware update process. If you are updating an irNetBox, you will be asked whether you normally use the unit via TCP/IP (default) or USB, so please select method by which you intend to use the irNetBox once the firmware update has been completed.

Once an update has been started, do not attempt to use the RedRat hardware from any other program or unplug if from the system.

On completion of the update, you will be asked to unplug the RedRat and plug it in again. Once this has been done, the unit will be using the new firmware. To check this, use the Re-open Devices menu item under the File to re-load RedRat information.

Download the most recent update utility for all updates listed above.

irNetBox-III Firmware

irNetBox-III Firmware Updates

The updates listed here are for the irNetBox-III only, and it is updated via the network interface, using our “RFlash.exe” application.

The irNetBox-III has two firmware images:

  1. The factory image, which manages some basic operations and firmware updates. It is not field updatable and should not be deleted. The unit can be booted using this image if there is a problem while updating the main image.
  2. The main image, responsible for the majority of the irNetBox’s operation.

To determine your irNetBox-III’s current firmware version, you can either use the IRNetBox Manager, check the front LEDs on startup or use the RFlash.exe firmware programming tool.

The steps for updating the main irNetBox-III firmware are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the irNetBox-III to be updated is visible on the network and not in use by other applications.
  2. Determine the type of flash memory chip used in the irNetBox-III with the command RFlash.exe i -t A.B.C.D where A.B.C.D is the IP address of the irNetBox-III.
  3. Download the appropriate firmware image for your device (see below).
  4. Enter RFlash.1.2.exe a firmware.bin -t A.B.C.D where firmware.bin is the new image.
  5. The device’s flash memory can hold multiple firmware images, though only one can be used. Older non-factory firmware images can be deleted with the RFlash erase command.
  6. Once firmware image management has been completed, restart the unit, either through a power cycle or using the command RFlash.exe s A.B.C.D..

The correct image for the flash memory chip used in your device is:

Serial Number Production Date Memory Chip Firmware Version
Below 18163 2011 to Jan 2015 Atmel AT25DF041A Saulire V2.2.5
18163 or above Feb 2015 onwards Adesto AT25SF041 Saulire V2.3.2

Full instructions for the use of RFlash.exe are given here, including the how to find the type of memory chip used in your irNetBox-III.

The firmware change history is available here

Download the memory flash program (RFlash)

Download the Firmware V2 2.5

Saulire V2 2.5

Download the Firmware V2 3.2

Saulire V2 3.2

RedRat Software

Signal Database Utility

RedRat Scheduler

RedRat Control

RedRat3 Command Line Utility

irNetBox Manager

RedRat SDK


Sample .NET Code (C#, VB.NET, VC++)


RedRat Hub

RedRat Hub

Linux LIRC

For kernels 2.6.31 and upwards use


For kernels 2.6.35 and (slightly) upwards use




irNetBox Product Specification (pdf)


irNetBox Manager User Guide (pdf)


irNetBox Network Communication Protocol  (pdf)


RedRat Control

RedRat Control User Guide (pdf)


RedRat Scheduler

RedRat Scheduler User Guide (pdf)


Redrat SDK API

RedRat SDK API (pdf)


RedRat Hub

RedRat Hub User Guide (pdf)



Using RedRat3 on Linux (pdf)


Support Request

If you are in need of support and wish to contact us please email

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