The RedRat3-II Change History

 Version 1.07 – 16th Jan 2009
  • A bug in input code for large data transfers from the RC detector would sometimes cause the device to hang.
  • Potential race condition when memory size adjusted (realloc) could have caused problems.
Version 1.06 – 26th Nov 2008
  • Added the support of flash-code signals.
Version 1.05 – 21st Oct 2008
  • If hi-speed learning started, but then cancelled by host, it was not set back to normal speed. This now happens.
  • Power on/off to detectors had a bug which has been fixed. Following the sequence RC-on, IrDa-on, IrDa-off the power was also turned off to the RC detector so there was no further response from input signals.
Version 1.04 – 17th Sept 2008
  • Added the capture of Keyboard Modulated Signals.
  • Added high speed signal capture mode (needs  V2.21 of the Signal DB Utility of higher).
  • Slightly improved general accuracy of modulated signal capture.
Version 1.03 – 14th May 2008
  • First release of RedRat3-II firmware.

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