The RedRat3 (First Version) Firmware Change History

 Version 0.34 РNov 2008
  • Explicit initialisation of some I/O (port B) in case it does not start in default init state.
Version 0.33 – July 2007
  • Added some modifications to better support the XMP-1 signal format.
  • Slight improvement in accuracy of de-modulated signal measurement.
  • Can set a signal measurement fuzz value of zero, which removes all length comparison testing.
Version 0.32 – May 2007
  • Minor improvement to modulated signal output – removed the initial half cycle at the start of a modulated IR pulse.
Version 0.30
  • Signal output returns NO_SIGNAL_DATA error code if no data memory has been allocated.
Version 0.29
  • Long range detector disabled if the PC goes into standby. This should prevent the RedRat3 sometimes hanging when the PC comes out of suspend.
  • Fixed a bug in keyboard signal type output.
  • Added support for flash code signal output.
Version 0.26
  • Fixed very occasional bug in USB bulk out code in firmware. Downloading large signals sometimes caused a situation where packets were missed, resulting in a RedRat3 hang on next signal download.
Version 0.25
  • Added ability to change the minimum pause length. This allows applications to adjust the point at which a long length value is considered to be the intra-signal pause.
  • Improved accuracy of signal sampling.
Version 0.21
  • Fixed bug in firmware causing sampling errors with signals that have a very long last pulse (>10ms), e.g. with some X-10 signals.
Version 0.20
  • Fixed bug in firmware initialisation code. This caused invalid data to be returned from the long-range remote control receiver if this was the first operation performed by the RedRat3.
Version 0.19
  • Fixed an occasional problem with carrier/modulation frequency measurement.
Version 0.18
  • Fixed a minor memory problem with IrDa-like signal memory allocation.
Version 0.17
  • Added support for output of IrDa-like IR signals used with Telewest and some NTL cable set-top boxes in the UK.
Version 0.16
  • Requires SDK version 0.12 or greater.
  • Fixed a problem when sampling some signals with very short signal pulses, for e.g. Nokia Mediamaster 9850T.
Version 0.15
  • Fixed bugs related to concurrent IR input/output usage, i.e. it would still hang in certain circumstances.
  • Better recovery following error conditions. These errors typically arise when the RedRat3 is hit by sunlight or some other IR source, maybe in combination with a valid IR signal.
Version 0.14
  • Note: This version of the firmware will only work with SDK version 0.12 or greater.
  • Changes to support concurrent use of the RedRat3 by multiple programs.
Version 0.13
  • Improved accuracy of signal output pulse lengths.
  • Improved accuracy of raw signal of measurement using the learning detector.
  • Fixed small bug on signal output that sometimes caused a blip at end of the signal.
Version 0.12
  • Fixed bug causing hang when returning data of particular length, especially effecting Sony remotes.
  • Changed pause length detection – now 18ms instead of 33ms. Benefits remotes with short intra-signal pause values, e.g. Sony.
Version 0.11
  • Memory allocation/freeing error with long range remote control detector input.
  • Fixed a defect that prevented correct long range remote control detector input following signal output.
  • Adjusted EEPROM access timing to prevent device hang on some versions of the USB chip.

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