Our History

The year was 1994, when on a dark and stormy night, the first RedRat came into our world...

RedRat Ltd is a private limited company that was founded by Dr. Chris Dodge in 2002 following significant interest in his PC-based devices developed to control consumer electronics equipment. He was awarded UK Government funding to further develop IR technology and the first commercial RedRat was born.

The original RedRat was a small device that connected to a standalone PC to provide infrared remote control input/output capabilities. While this core functionality is still very popular, we have since extended the initial concept to develop networked devices and to support newer RF protocols (Bluetooth, RF4CE) for use in multiple markets, including broadcast and digital TV, consumer electronics, assistive technology and PC-based multimedia.

Since our founding we have worked with more than 300 customers across the globe, are regarded as a leading developer of PC-powered remote control technology and have established partnerships with numerous internationally recognised brands.

Meet the Team

Dr. Chris Dodge

Technical Director

Chris is the company's founder and Technical Director. As well as overseeing all technical, customer support and product development activities he also provides consultancy to organisations wanting to integrate RedRat devices into their own testing environment or develop bespoke testing facilities from the ground up.

Vera Dodge

Financial & Purchasing Director

Vera is RedRat's Financial and Purchasing Director and is the person to contact if you have any invoice or order-related queries.


Jon Power

Production Manager

Jon is our Production Manager and his activities include assembly, programming and testing RedRat devices. He is also involved in product development activities plus developing and maintaining our website.

Dr. Jason Rawlings

Software Developer

Jason is primarily involved in developing and supporting RedRat's range of software applications, helping with a new phase of development work to improve reliability, usability and to add support for our new devices. With his recent PhD in Extra-Galactic Physics, he has no problem seeing the bigger picture when it comes to product development.

James Jay

Firmware Director

James is the newest member of our development team. He is involved primarily in firmware enhancements and low level work needed to research and develop our new product range, including RF4CE and Bluetooth devices.

Dr. Philip Ross


Philip has worked for RedRat as a consultant for several years, following many years of work in Cambridge research labs and start-ups. Utilising his PhD in parallel architectures for embedded systems, he has been responsible for many developments in the more recent generations of our devices.

Sue Hunt

Marketing Consultant

Sue is our marketing specialist and co-ordinates all our marcomms and PR activities. She is currently compiling a series of client success stories to feature in our resource library, so if you would like to share your experience of using RedRat devices please get in touch.