Our History

The year was 1994, when on a dark and stormy night, the first RedRat came into our world...

RedRat Ltd is a private limited company that was founded by Dr. Chris Dodge in 2002 following significant interest in his PC-based devices developed to control consumer electronics equipment. He was awarded UK Government funding to further develop IR technology and the first commercial RedRat was born.

The original RedRat was a small device that connected to a standalone PC to provide infrared remote control input/output capabilities. While this core functionality is still very popular, we have since extended the initial concept to develop networked devices and to support newer RF protocols (Bluetooth, RF4CE) for use in multiple markets, including broadcast and digital TV, consumer electronics, assistive technology and PC-based multimedia.

Since our founding we have worked with more than 300 customers across the globe, are regarded as a leading developer of PC-powered remote control technology and have established partnerships with numerous internationally recognised brands.