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Please Note: We are no longer selling Bluetooth or RF4CE modules as products. While we have worked successfully with a number of customers to automate STB control via RF4CE and Bluetooth, each STB requires a significant amount of custom work.

How does a Bluetooth remote control work and how do we simulate one with out BT module? An overview explanation is available here.

Bluetooth Module


  • Supports BT Classic and LE
  • BT serivces & profiles can be exposed to application software
  • Configuration set dynamically or stored on module

RF4CE Module


  • Supports multiple RF4CE profiles (firmware dependent)
  • Can operate at profile or RF4CE network layer
  • Generally able to control multiple STBs per module


Applications for RF Modules

We provide two applications for development work using RedRat's RF modules:

Bluetooth or RF4CE Toolbox

Windows GUI applications for experimentation with the module. They are designed to test the main elements of RF remote control functionality, such as discovery of STBs, pairing and connecting to them and then sending commands using an on-screen remote control.

Bluetooth or RF4CE Server

This is an HTTP REST API which provides the above functionality via HTTP API calls, making integration with third party applications and frameworks quite straightforward. It runs on both Windows (.NET) or Linux/Mac (Mono) and supports RF modules hosted in a RedRat-X via either USB or LAN.




Designed to work with the RedRat-X - providing either Bluetooth or RF4CE functionality.

Future-proof technology - with the right configuration, the module allows the RedRat-X to act as Bluetooth/RF4CE remote control.

Use with your existing RedRat-X - easily installed by slotting into the available socket or order an X with a module already fitted.

Please contact RedRat first to ensure that your TV/STB is supported (see below).

RedRat-X details

Background Information

Please contact us at if you have a project requiring TV/STB control via Bluetooth or RF4CE.

The use of RF protocols is significantly more complex than traditional infrared (IR) remote control, often requiring custom engineering work to create the correct configuration and particular behaviour for a given TV or STB.

As a result, we only sell RF modules as part of a project which includes experimentation with your particular TV or STB, then development of any custom firmware/software and lastly deployment support.