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All products are shipped from our offices in the United Kingdom to most destinations worldwide. Please contact us for quotes and payment options.

irNetBox IV

£1,250 ex VAT (Out of stock)

Updated and improved, the fourth generation of RedRat’s flagship IR controller with PoE support. Power Supply is optional (£20.00).


£300 ex VAT

Our latest compact USB/Network device comes supplied with a USB cable. A discount may apply for orders of 5 or more units.

RedRat-X Power Supply

£15 ex VAT.

If the RedRat-X is connected to a computer via USB, it will be powered directly from the computer. Alternatively, if connecting to the RedRat-X via its network connection, then an external power supply will be needed to power the device via its USB port. The power supply we provide has been tested with the RedRat-X to ensure that it meets all CE and FCC standards and will come supplied with the correct plug for your country.