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The irNetBox-III is now discontinued and has been replaced by the irNetBox IV.

The irNetBox-III is a networked unit that allows you to control multiple AV devices via external IR emitter leads. It uses a simple and open TCP/IP based communication protocol so can be used by applications on most platforms.

The irNetBox-III is based on the XMOS quad-core XS1-G4, which is capable of delivering up to 1600MIPS.

This video shows the difference in output speed between the older irNetBox-II (bottom) and the irNetBox-III (top). Each flash of the front indicator LEDs corresponds to the output of a different IR signal, the irNetBox-III being able to reach a throughput of greater than 80 IR signals (depending on IR signal type).


  • 16 independent IR outputs that can be used concurrently or in any combination
  • 100 different power output levels for all IR outputs
  • Front panel indicator LEDs
  • IR detector facilities for capturing IR signals
  • Built-in self-test functionality
  • IR data compatibility with RedRat3
  • Power supply
  • Compatible with most stick-on IR emitter/flasher leads, (we can also supply these)
  • Structured wiring support – a 25-way D-type connector included on the rear panel can be used to attach all IR emitters rather than the single IR output ports
  • Fully compliant with applicable CE and FCC electromagnetic regulations (Test certification is available on request). RoHs Compliant

RedRat 3-II

The RedRat 3-II is now discontinued and has been replaced by the RedRat-X.

The RedRat3-II is a USB-based remote control input/output device that gives IR remote control capabilities to a PC. It includes Windows drivers and a software development kit (SDK) so that our hardware can be integrated into your own applications via a .NET API.



  • USB powered – no external power supply needed
  • Comprises two independent IR detectors:
    • Long range for control of your PC by remote
    • Short range for accurate IR signal “learning” from your own remotes
  • High powered IR output – range greater than 10m
  • Upgradable firmware
  • 3m USB cable
  • Fully compliant with appropriate CE and FCC electromagnetic regulations. (Test certification is available on request)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Comprehensive SDK available for Windows and some Linux support