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irnetbox iv

irNetBox IV - Discontinued

The flagship IR controller

Providing independent control of up to 16 different audio-visual devices, such as TV’s and set-top boxes.

The fourth generation of our trusted STB test and control device includes a front display for configuration and operational feedback, superior robust IR driver circuitry plus power over Ethernet support.

As the irNetBox IV is supported by all RedRat software and APIs, upgrading from previous versions is straightforward and hassle free.


Front & Rear

irNetBox IV Front
irNetBox-IV Rear




Software for all purposes 

We provide a number of applications that are suitable from the point of installation right through to device management, remote control data capture, automation and running test procedures.

Customised Intergration

Using our SDK or APIs it is possible to get the irNetBox IV to work with your software.

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Physical Specifications

  • 19 inch 1U rack mountable unit. 95mm deep.
  • Powered via Ethernet (PoE) or optional 9V, 2A power supply.
  • Typical power consumption: 2W when idle, 5W to 10W in operation.
  • Front display for showing operational status: IR port activity, network configuration, etc.
  • Menu navigation key panel for setup and box control.
  • Rear connections: RJ45 Ethernet socket, 16 x 3.5mm jack IR output ports
  • Full CE and FCC EMC compliance.
  • RoHS compliant.

IR Output Specifications

  • 16 independently controllable IR ports.
  • Simultaneous IR signal generation on all 16 ports (<300KHz carrier frequency).
  • Throughput of up to 80 IR signals per second (dependent on IR signal type).
  • IR carrier frequency range: 5KHz to 600KHz.
  • Twin IR port drive modes: Current mode for IR LEDs (default) or voltage mode for IR distribution systems.
  • IR output level range: 0 (off) to 100.
  • Maximum IR drive current: 120mA with a high-powered IR LED or 70mA with the RedRat standard emitter