IR Signal Database Utility

The IR Signal Database Utility

A core program for use with both the RedRat3 and irNetBox, the IR Signal Database Utility Supports the creation, viewing and testing of IR signal datasets.

What is a signal database, and why may you want one? It is your local set of IR remote control signals that you use and work with, made up of one or more remotes (e.g. TV, DVD_PLAYER) each with a set of IR signals. These are usually captured directly from the original remote control unit via a RedRat device, analysed and then stored in an XML file.

The utility allows:

  • Sharing remote control data with others.
  • Using datasets in RedRat applications or your own applications developed with the RedRat SDK.
  • The testing of signal decoding when inputting IR signals.
  • Using datasets to control your TVs or STBs via RedRat devices.


Downloading and Installing

  • Visit SupportDownloads > RedRat Software.
  • Download the SignalDBUtility zip file containing the installer.
  • Unpack the file and double-click on the MSI installer. in a temporary directory.

Please see the user guide for details on using the Signal DB Utility.

Change History

Details of application changes and fixes are given here.

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