BT module with Nexus


We receive regular requests to provide the automated control of STBs via Bluetooth, by simulating the Bluetooth signals in the same way our infrared products work.

Having worked on this for a number of years, we have had some success, providing a number of customers with our devices and associated software  to automate Bluetooth STB control.

However, it has become clear that it is not possible to productize this work as we've been able to do with our infrared based devices. The primary reason is that each new Bluetooth remote control we simulate requires reverse engineering, and then custom firmware to be built for our BT module.

More information about how Bluetooth remote controls work and our reverse engineering process is available here.

So we no longer offer our Bluetooth modules as products. If you have the requirement to automate control of your STB using Bluetooth, we are happy to discuss how to approach this, and any additional help or consultancy we can provide.